GCDCS21 – Above and Beyond

For insight into core to edge computing options, check out the final topic session at GCDCS21.

IT managers face a plethora of choice in service delivery mode. End users, partners and customers can be supported out of capacity located in the cloud or on-site core infrastructure out to the edge, and everything in between. And service providers have developed multiple solutions to suit a variety of existing and forecast needs in on-site, networked cloud, or remote computing. But how do organizations identify the best delivery mode to address application requirements?

The final topic session at GCDCS21 explored various service delivery options, outlining benefits and best practices associated with different organizational choices. Facilitated by Dr. Suvoji Ghosh (CEO Fyelabs), the session featured Roy Hart (CIO BC Institute of Technology), Herb Villa (Senior Applications Engineer, Rittal), Marco Nalli (Enterprise Manager, Canada, AMD Canada), Benoît Esvelin (Corporate Development for DCaaS, OVHcloud). A video version of this session is presented below



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