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Picture of Roy Hart

ExecTech Digital: Roy Hart on the importance of virtualization on the journey to cloud

As part of the development of GCDCS20 and the DC Foresight community associated with the event, InsightaaS has developed a number of ‘ExecTech Digital’ features –...
Picture of Peter Gross, Chairman, VPS

ExecTech Digital: Peter Gross on sustainability as a key data centre business consideration

Over the past several weeks, InsightaaS Principal Analyst Michael O'Neil has had an opportunity to conduct video interviews with some of Canada's - and...

The State of ‘what if’ networking

What if the number of work-at-home employees in your organization grew from 5,000 to 66,000 in the span of a week? What if VPN...

A call to arms – renewed focus on Sustainability by Design

If we needed more evidence of the criticality of data centre services, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided it. As governments, businesses, and individuals and...

Remote Control: Connecting Automation with SDDC

The Summer of Webinars 'Virtual Meetup' series kicked off on May 28th with an Intel-sponsored session on "Remote Control: Connecting Automation with SDDC" -...

Responding to critical DC care needs

At an Intel Experience presentation held in Toronto last fall to showcase use cases for new chip capabilities, Scott Overson, GM of Intel’s Enterprise...

A Summer of Webinars: virtual collaboration, professional growth

Today, every global professional shares the challenge of a summer that is constrained by limited opportunities for engagement: travel, business and professional development, meetings...

Open Solidarity to address COVID-19 crisis

We hear quite a bit about ‘tech for the good’ – technology’s unique ability to support social, cultural or environmental progress. We also hear...

Extending and linking the data center globe

When news goes viral, its sweep depends on geometric uptake online. Unlike secrets passed person to person in linear fashion, virality is achieved through...
Panel discussion at the "Where Automation Meets SDDC" meetup. Panel from left: Rami Radi, Joe Belinsky, Rocco Alonzi

Where automation meets SDDC

The DC Foresight community – headed by analyst firm InsightaaS and supported by Intel’s Data Centre Manager group – released a new research paper,...
GCDCS logo

A look back on GCDCS19 – and a look ahead to GCDCS20

GCDCS19 established the Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium as the premier data centre event in Canada, and placed it firmly within the ranks of...

Celtic phoenix rising on data centre wings

The Celtic phoenix continues to rise, borne high on the wings of blistering investment in Ireland’s data centre industry. In the decade ending in...

New Digital Realty interconnect platform to enable “centres of data exchange”

What is a ‘platform’ and what is its source of performance? A seemingly simple term that is used in IT with increasing frequency to...

The Software-Defined Future

Continuing on from our enthusiastically-received 'Summer Scan' series, we are pleased  to highlight sessions from the 2019 Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium (GCDCS19), delivered...

Summer Scan: Thought leadership packaged for deck or dock

The InsightaaS “Summer Scan” series provides data centre community professionals with a summer-weight way of scanning the ideas shaping the industry. Each Summer Scan session...