Assessment and Training

InsightaaS Assessment and Training

InsightaaS has been working with clients in the private and public sectors to respond to assessment and development needs that are shaped by the twin forces of the economy-wide trend towards digital transformation/digitally-enabled innovation (DEI) and the need to deliver strategy and skills development via remote channels.

In 2021, each of InsightaaS’s DEI initiatives is supported by unique, high value assessment and training options. Links to each of these offerings will be posted to this page as they come on line. Please check back often!

  • The V2V21 Analytics Status Assessment Program The V2V21 Analytics Status Assessment Program consists of a detailed eight-question framework, based on research drawn from four V2V reports – on developing the analytics business case/identifying metrics, ‘problem solving’ (using ‘the right data for the right question’), monetizing data and establishing analytics within the organization – which are included in the book Analytics in a Business Context.Professionals looking for input into their organizational analytics approaches will receive a custom report that identifies key areas that will provide greater analytics impact, and/or which can be used as a springboard for future success. The findings are supported by complementary V2V21 community initiatives, including opportunities to develop or explore best practices in different areas, and/or to delve into practical, certification-based online training.

    To access the V2V21 ASAP analytics assessment tool, please follow this link.