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GCDCS21 – Above and Beyond

IT managers face a plethora of choice in service delivery mode. End users, partners and customers can be supported out of capacity located in...

GCDCS21 – The Sustainable Present

What is Net Zero, and how do you get there? Speakers in this year's GCDCS session on sustainability in the data centre had lots...

GCDCS21 – eMasimini for food security

Shadrack and Pretty Kubyane, co-founders of Coronet Blockchain, have turned their tech talents to a looming food crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using a blockchain-based...

GCDCS21 – an All Star cast!

Always a highlight at the Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium, this year's All Star Plenary Panel featured Paul Cooper (president, Canada, Technology Integration Group),...

Digging into ‘Digital Transformation’ – GCDCS21 morning challenge

‘Digital transformation’ is a moving target. Described variously by industry watchers as “the adoption of digital technology by a company… to improve efficiency, value...

Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium 2019 – moving to the edge

Data centre and digital transformation experts and practitioners gathered at The McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton on June 20th for a day of thought-provoking...