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This page is for Building Cloud Value: A Best Practice Guide, 2016. Please click on this link for information on The Death of Core Competency: A management guide to cloud computing and the zero-friction future.

Building Cloud Value: A Best Practice Guide, 2016

backCloud is reshaping our IT-dependent world. Solutions that took years to deploy and cost thousands (or millions) of dollars can now be sourced on demand, and for a small fraction of the cost of conventional IT systems.

Cloud is revolutionizing the ways that businesses use technology – and the rest of the economy is rapidly learning to adjust to ‘cloud time’ and “cloud economics’.

Building Cloud Value: A Best Practice Guide, 2016 shines a light into the future of cloud as a business platform, and also illustrates how cloud time and cloud economics will change the way that businesses consume IT research:

  • In the future, all infrastructure will be either hybrid – combining cloud and on-premise systems – or cloud-only.
  • In the future, IT research will not rely on the perspective of a single analyst and cost $25,000 per program – it will be co-created by dozens of experts representing many different points of view, and cost $50.

Building Cloud Value: A Best Practice Guide, 2016 brings you that future today. And in keeping with this theme, please observe the image to the right of this text. It is the back cover of the book: a collage showing the 40 experts – IT management from enterprises and SMBs (and public and private sector), IT suppliers from large global corporations and ‘born in the cloud’ firms specializing in cloud service delivery, academics, corporate finance experts, integrators, cloud brokers, executives with experience in building cloud businesses, training experts, and yes, analysts – whose collective wisdom makes Building Cloud Value: A Best Practice Guide, 2016 the best single resource on cloud available to senior executives, IT managers and cloud suppliers.

Open the pages (hardcover, softcover or digital) of the future today!