InsightaaS Co-Founder Launches New Executive-Level Cybersecurity Book

InsightaaS co-founder Michael O’Neil, now with the Office of the CISO at SHI Stratascale, is releasing a new book on March 21st

InsightaaS co-founder Michael O’Neil, who has authored or co-authored three books under the InsightaaS Press marque, is releasing a new book on March 21st.

The Executive Guide to Zero Trust delivers unique and much-needed insight into how a Zero Trust (ZT) strategy shifts the focus of cybersecurity from “hardening the perimeter” to protecting an enterprise’s most critical assets. The book defines a path that enables cyber leaders to align diverse initiatives, investments, and operational groups in support of a strategy that offers greatly enhanced defense against the unrelating advance of cyber threats while also embedding alignment principles that increase the CISO’s ability to demonstrate the value of cybersecurity to business executives throughout the organization. 

Reflecting O’Neil’s background in InsightaaS’s community-based research, The Executive Guide to Zero Trust is based on input from a dozen cybersecurity leaders: four CISOs from Fortune 1000 businesses, three well-known industry experts (including “Dr. Zero Trust,” Chase Cunningham) who understand the ZT journey, and five Stratascale SMEs, including two of O’Neil’s Office of the CISO colleagues (VP Michael Wilcox and Field CISO Joseph Karpenko), Stratascale Director of Identity and Zero Trust services Rob Forbes, and Cybersecurity Research Analyst Alex Banghart.

March 21st only – buy a Kindle copy of The Executive Guide to Zero Trust at the launch-day price of $2!

The book, which has been described as being “at the right flight level for executives,” has received lavish praise in advance reviews. VentureBeat’s Louis Columbus observes that “zero trust isn’t just for cyber security; it needs to be a core part of any digital business competing globally today,” adding that the new book provides “valuable insights” into creating “a framework tailored to the unique challenges” facing today’s enterprises. David Senf, National Cybersecurity Strategist at Bell Canada, advises firms to build zero trust capabilities: “Adversaries are going to gain initial access to your organization…Zero Trust is essential to reduce the blast radius of an attack once the adversary gets in. Learn and practice the principles of ZT to drastically minimize business disruption when the inevitable breach happens.” Noted ZT strategist Maureen Rosado states that the book “is a must have for any organization that wants to build a healthy security platform that will scale alongside the digitalization and growth of their business.” And the CEO of one innovative cybersecurity provider, Paul Martini, describes The Executive Guide as “a must read for CISOs supporting the modern enterprise.”  

The Executive Guide to Zero Trust launches in Kindle format on March 21st; a hardcover version will follow in April, and an audiobook version in May. To help build momentum for the book and the guidance it provides to both technical and business executives, Stratascale has set the launch-day price to $2 (USD), with all Stratascale proceeds donated to charity. The book is available at this link:


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