GCDCS21 – eMasimini for food security

Shadrack and Pretty Kubyane, co-founders of Coronet Blockchain, have turned their tech talents to a looming food crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using a blockchain-based platform, they are working with InsightaaS to develop the foundations for an alternative food distribution network that can bring the small farmer into the supply chain. With the eMasimini pilot, they plan to test out blockchain ability to increase and secure food distribution on the continent.

To learn more, check out their fascinating presentation, streamed into the GCDCS21 lunchtime session, all the way from Johannesburg. And for more information on how you can become involved in this tech for social good project, contact: shadrack@coroneblockchain.com; pretty@coronetblockchaing.com; or mary.allen@insightaas.com.



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