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Motivating mind shift: 4 keys to meaningful environmental management

With global temperatures on a roiling boil, broad awareness of the potential impacts of climate change and the need for mitigation and adaption efforts...

Responding to critical DC care needs

At an Intel Experience presentation held in Toronto last fall to showcase use cases for new chip capabilities, Scott Overson, GM of Intel’s Enterprise...
Data centre options in a post-Brexit world

Digital experience beyond the network edge

With the exponential rise in distributed multi-cloud computing, IT monitoring and management has pushed network optimization beyond the edge – literally and figuratively. Today’s...

Open Solidarity to address COVID-19 crisis

We hear quite a bit about ‘tech for the good’ – technology’s unique ability to support social, cultural or environmental progress. We also hear...

Extending and linking the data center globe

When news goes viral, its sweep depends on geometric uptake online. Unlike secrets passed person to person in linear fashion, virality is achieved through...

Tripping the app fantastic

“It’s an apptastic world!” Declared a decade ago by leading Canadian tech practitioner Eugene Roman, this quip is as relevant today as ever –...
Procore worker on job site

Data platform enabling collaboration in construction

As digitization takes hold across the range of industries, software companies are framing founding mythologies in the physical world. Industry watchers – and indeed...

Celtic phoenix rising on data centre wings

The Celtic phoenix continues to rise, borne high on the wings of blistering investment in Ireland’s data centre industry. In the decade ending in...

The benefits of group think: building collaborative process in higher education

In higher education today, there is a wealth of opportunity for enhancing job-related knowledge and skills. Innovative courseware and curricula in emerging areas are...

New Digital Realty interconnect platform to enable “centres of data exchange”

What is a ‘platform’ and what is its source of performance? A seemingly simple term that is used in IT with increasing frequency to...

At 20 years old, OVH looking to take on the global hyperscalers

OVH celebrated its twentieth birthday with a new name. The French service provider is now OVHcloud,  the “cloud” extension to “Online Virtual Hosting” a...
Telephone pole with multiple cables.

Competition for the wireless last mile

There was a time when visualizing the last mile was pretty straightforward – it was the copper wire that connected a telephone to a...

Fuelling the innovation engine – connected car in Canada

Autonomous vehicles have captured the imagination of futurists, manufacturers, planners and the public. Driverless vehicles promise new levels of road safety and convenience –...

Data centres are hot stuff

Data centres are hot. Really hot. Literally. And that's a problem. So said speakers at the 2019 Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium. Power and cooling came...

Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium 2019 – moving to the edge

Data centre and digital transformation experts and practitioners gathered at The McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton on June 20th for a day of thought-provoking...