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GCDCS21 – Everything Changed Overnight

Alex Benay brings a deep knowledge of the evolving digital needs of Canadians from his time spent in the public and private sectors. The...

GCDCS21 – Above and Beyond

IT managers face a plethora of choice in service delivery mode. End users, partners and customers can be supported out of capacity located in...

GCDCS21 – The Sustainable Present

What is Net Zero, and how do you get there? Speakers in this year's GCDCS session on sustainability in the data centre had lots...

Digging into ‘Digital Transformation’ – GCDCS21 morning challenge

‘Digital transformation’ is a moving target. Described variously by industry watchers as “the adoption of digital technology by a company… to improve efficiency, value...

GCDCS21 – The Fast Rise of the Digital Age

The Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium 2021 launched last week with a thought provoking keynote from IT management legend Eugene Roman. Through executive IT...

GCDCS21 – at a glance

The Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium (GCDCS21) is back, taking the “next step” in delivery of the conference experience you have come to expect...