GCDCS21 – Everything Changed Overnight

Former CIO of the government of Canada, and now global lead for Microsoft Azure, Alex Benay offers 10 tips for IT managers in a time of accelerated digital transformation.

Alex Benay brings a deep knowledge of the evolving digital needs of Canadians from his time spent in the public and private sectors. The former Chief Information Officer for the government of Canada and Deputy Minister at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Alex has also served in management roles with OpenText, KPMG and Microsoft (currently global lead for Azure). The author of two books and a board member of multiple organizations focused on the arts and sciences, Alex brings a diverse and fresh perspective to issues of management in the digital age.

In the closing keynote for GCDCS21, Alex outlines how managers have had to pivot over the last 18 months, accelerating digital mandates in response to the pandemic, and offers ten management tips designed to help IT leaders better manage this accelerated pace of change.



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