PrimeStation Pulsar nominated for Green Product Award 2022

If you’re not a sustainability expert, how are you supposed to know which products are green and which are greenwashing? One way to navigate this is to look out for which products are winning the green awards. Outsourcing our judgement to an independent group of experts can help save time and provide us with peace of mind but only if they can be trusted. One such award is the Green Product Award and Prime Computer’s new product PrimeStation Pulsar has just received a nomination.

Supporters can vote online until January 31, 2022, to help recognize the contributions PrimeStation Pulsar has made to the sustainable tech community at

St. Gallen, Dec. 15, 2021 – PrimeStation Pulsar has entered the official Selection of the Green Product Award 2022 in the category ‘Workspace’. “With PrimeStation Pulsar the team of Prime Computer created something special, what really earns the name Green Product, that’s for sure”, says Nils Bader, Award Initiator. From now until 31.01.2022 voting is possible on the website of the Green Product Award.

A 100% climate-neutral workstation

Like all Prime Computer products, the PrimeStation Pulsar is entirely climate-neutral. But what does that actually mean? The low power consumption, excellent reliability, and long product life already significantly reduce the carbon footprint. The remaining greenhouse gases generated during production, shipping, the first five years of use and disposal are fully offset by Prime Computer through certified projects. Prime Computer’s five-year product warranty underlines the high reliability and longevity of the product and if it breaks, Prime Computer takes full responsibility for the responsible recycling of the materials through their Second Life Program.

About the Green Product Award

The Green Product Award acknowledges products and services from established companies, start-ups for their excellence in sustainability, design and innovation. The Award has been making ‘best practice’ examples accessible to a broad public on an international level from a pool of 1500 submission entries yearly since 2013. This year’s jury consists, among others, of Prof. Martin Charter (Centre of Sustainable Design), Karsten Bleymehl (The Circular Materials GmbH), Jewell Sparks (BITHOUSE Venture Group / UNITED17 Ventures) and Katrin de Louw (Trendfilter).

The festive award ceremony and the exhibition with the winning entries will take place in March 2022 on the occasion of the IHM International Crafts Fair and parallel to the Munich Creative Business Week in Munich.

About Prime Computer

Prime Computer is a Swiss company founded to develop and produce IT hardware under economic, social, and ecological aspects, focusing on energy efficiency, reliability, and longevity. Prime Computer helps companies worldwide achieve their digitalisation and environmental goals while reducing operating costs with intelligently designed mini-PCs and servers.

Out of a commitment to people and nature, Prime Computer contributes with sustainable IT hardware and services to create a world in which energy efficiency and resource-saving are paramount. That is why Prime Computer strives for a truly circular economy with its fanless products. Prime Computer is the brand for sustainable IT solutions with global megatrends, digitalisation, environmentally harmful electronic waste, and resource and energy scarcity in mind.

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