5G Energy awarded contract for optimizing energy use in Royal Canadian Navy’s new facility

Technology shall reconcile between multiple sources of energy and optimize energy usage across disparate devices and machines.

OTTAWA, Jan. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 5G Energy Ltd., a high technology digital transformation solution company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, has been awarded a Research and Development defense contract by Public Works and Government Services Canada to supply a digital transformation platform called BorgConnect® to the Royal Canadian Navy, Canada, under the Innovative Solutions Canada’s funding program dedicated to Canadian innovators. BorgConnect® shall connect to multiple devices within a micro-grid in the state-of-the-art naval facility in Esquimalt, BC, and shall dynamically reconcile between energy sources, optimize the use of energy and reduce carbon footprint.

About 5G Energy

5G Energy is a company within the 5G Group (“5G”) that has developed a smart Industrial IoT platform called BorgConnect® that embodies Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Edge Computing technologies to dynamically optimize energy consumption and improve efficiency, effectiveness & productivity of industrial processes and equipment. The low cost platform requires very minimal IT infrastructure for implementation and serves 4 mobile apps for users to visualize and perform the said optimizations in real time. The company has a customer footprint in Canada and the USA, but as a group, 5G has served global leaders across 14 countries over the last two decades. For further information, please visit www.fifthgentech.com.


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