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ExecTech Digital: Roy Hart on the importance of virtualization on the journey to cloud

As part of the development of GCDCS20 and the DC Foresight community associated with the event, InsightaaS has developed a number of ‘ExecTech Digital’ features –...

ExecTech Digital: Joe Belinsky on managing business processes that span multiple workloads

As part of the development of GCDCS20 and the DC Foresight community associated with the event, InsightaaS has developed a number of 'ExecTech Digital'...

Scaling Inside the Envelope

The Summer of Webinars 'Virtual Meetup' series continued its ground-breaking approach to thought leadership and engagement on May 28th with a webinar launching a...
Data centre options in a post-Brexit world

Digital experience beyond the network edge

With the exponential rise in distributed multi-cloud computing, IT monitoring and management has pushed network optimization beyond the edge – literally and figuratively. Today’s...

GCDCS20 – Plans A, B and C

Editor's note: The announcement below was issued by GCDCS20 organizers InsightaaS and McMaster University Computing Infrastructure Research Centre on March 17, 2020 at 4:30...
Procore worker on job site

Data platform enabling collaboration in construction

As digitization takes hold across the range of industries, software companies are framing founding mythologies in the physical world. Industry watchers – and indeed...

10 channel partner predictions for 2020

The new year (and decade) provides an opportunity for assessing the business of the channel: what has shaped the channel in the years leading...

The benefits of group think: building collaborative process in higher education

In higher education today, there is a wealth of opportunity for enhancing job-related knowledge and skills. Innovative courseware and curricula in emerging areas are...
Telephone pole with multiple cables.

Competition for the wireless last mile

There was a time when visualizing the last mile was pretty straightforward – it was the copper wire that connected a telephone to a...

InsightaaS’s Michael O’Neil collaborates with NPD Group on unique security software market webinar

On June 27th, NPD Group - supported by InsightaaS Principal Analyst Michael O'Neil, acting as a consultant to the global research firm - conducted...
Philips’ Azurion and Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 collaboration

Channeling healthcare innovation for home and hospital

Healthcare systems globally are straining under the weight of increasing cost, explosive service demand, and aging infrastructure and equipment. As governments wrestle with these...

International Women’s Day 2019 – celebrating and supporting women in technology!

Inclusion, collaboration, and courage – these were the main themes of 5th Annual International Women's Day Talks, presented on March 4th in Toronto. The...

Standards anatomy Pt 2 – Easing consumption to drive adoption

How do standards grow? “It all starts with standards – they are at the heart of interoperability,” Canada’s Director of Digital Exchange Teresa D’Andrea...

A standards anatomy: building tech norms in government Pt 1

Standards, huh, what are they good for? Tech standards are widely touted as a panacea for a multitude of sins. Their application will solve interoperability...

Stop IT “Brain Drain” with AIOps

CIO’s face many challenges today – cybersecurity threats, limited budgets, and business transformation issues, to name a few. But is headcount the biggest worry? ...