ExecTech Digital: Shawn Rosemarin and the best primer on containers

As part of the development of GCDCS20 and the DC Foresight community associated with the event, InsightaaS has developed a number of ‘ExecTech Digital’ features – video interviews with Canadian and international data centre/IT service delivery thought leaders.

This content is available to GCDCS20 registrants starting this week, and will remain active through March, 2021. InsightaaS is posting extracts from these discussion to our website as well.

Today’s session features Shawn Rosemarin, VP – Worldwide Systems Engineering at Pure Storage, delivering a truly remarkable primer on containers. One of my students in the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies class I teach said that this was the best explanation of containers he has ever seen – and I agree!

The full recording of Shawn’s remarks also includes discussion of the following topics:

  • Assigning workloads – systems of record, systems of engagement, systems of insight – to best platforms
  • Management of workflows/applications spanning multiple environments
  • Capitalizing on a cohesive, integrated hybrid environment
  • The impact of cloud, hybrid and edge cost and performance on IT/business strategy

We thank Shawn for his contribution to thought leadership on a critical IT topic! And look forward to welcoming him as a panelist at the All-Star Plenary Panel on December 8th, and as a presenter and panelist on SDx/IAC on December 9th.

Shawn’s colleagues and network contacts are invited to attend Shawn’s sessions at GCDCS20 at no cost by using this code. Please note that the code is intended only for data centre and IT service delivery professionals and executives; individuals working in sales, marketing or management positions for firms that supply the data centre industry are asked to purchase an Industry Pass ($300) instead.


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