ExecTech Digital: Gayleen Gray on addressing (and balancing) security, reliability and privacy

As part of the development of GCDCS20 and the DC Foresight community associated with the event, InsightaaS has developed a number of ‘ExecTech Digital’ features – video interviews with Canadian and international data centre/IT service delivery thought leaders.

This content is available to GCDCS20 registrants, and InsightaaS is posting extracts from these discussion to our website as well.

Today’s session features Gayleen Gray, CTO at McMaster University, discussing approaches to addressing (and balancing) requirements for security, reliability and privacy. The full recording of Gayleen’s remarks also includes discussion of the following topics:

  • IT models, metrics and imperatives in a higher education context
  • Aligning IT operations with institutional GRC
  • Identifying and developing the skills needed to progress in a hybrid environment
  • Evaluating opportunities for migrating key IT services outside the corporate environment

We thank Gayleen for her contribution to thought leadership on a critical IT infrastructure topic! And look forward to welcoming her as a speaker at GCDCS20 on December 8th and 9th, and as a valued member of the DC Foresight community.

Please note: Gayleen’s data center and IT service delivery professionals can use this link to join the DC Foresight community and obtain a pass to GCDCS20.


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