Vitamin Y: Dell to acquire EMC  

InsightaaS ‘Vitamin Y’ posts provide concise analysis of industry events and developments. This post examines Dell’s record-setting $67 billion acquisition of EMC. Context: Since becoming a private company, Dell has touted its ability to make decisions that extend beyond investor focus on 90 day results cycles. The firm has also been shoring up some of […]


Charlie Atkinson, VP enterprise group, managing director, HPE Canada

Vitamin Y: HP on the road – showing its new side  

Context: Since August 2015, HP has been engaged in a division of the company that will be formalized on November 1st through launch of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). With current CEO Meg Whitman at the helm, HPE will manage data centre hardware, software and services sales to the enterprise, while HP Inc. will retain responsibility […]

Rogers’ cloud converging mobile and IT  

In IT speak, “as-a-Service” has come to stand for ‘instant’ and ‘easy’ – attributes that Rogers stressed in announcing new services aimed at helping Canadian businesses better manage their network and security infrastructure. With Virtual Managed Network Services, WiFi-as-a-Service, and a new Rapid Application Development Platform, the cable company’s Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) is looking […]

Paul Monaghan, director, cloud and managed services, Rogers Enterprise Business Unit

Ron Huizenga, senior product manager ER/Studio, Embarcadero Technologies

Data modeling puts the intelligence in BI  

“IT as an industry has declared war on data modeling for all the wrong reasons,” said Dr. Rado Kotorov, chief innovation officer and VP global product marketing at Information Builders. “The self-service business intelligent movement declares: ‘Let’s not model data. Let’s just give access to people who know what do with data for one-off analysis.’ […]

Balancing the scale: cloud and regulation in the banking world  

Banks have become technology companies. With massive backend infrastructure to address huge transactional data requirements, extensive operational systems, and increasingly sophisticated customer facing online or mobile portals, banks are typically first adopters of advanced technology in many regions. Some have even jettisoned bricks and mortar altogether in favour of all-digital service delivery for retail as […]

Roji Oommen, managing director of financial services at CenturyLink Technology Solutions