Data centre options in a post-Brexit world  

In a recent conversation with a senior executive at a rapidly expanding, Toronto-based cloud provider, an inevitable point of discussion was European expansion. Like many organizations with eyes on that part of the world, the plan was to set up a London, UK office. While that plan will likely follow through, the executive admitted his […]

Penny Jones, senior analyst, European Services, 451 Research

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS

Analytics may boost network security  

Security is top of mind for most of us. Everyone, it appears, is out to do evil, and to make a profit from it. If it’s not spammers sending ransomware by email, it’s guys who think it’s clever to reproduce the master keys that the US TSA has for our luggage locks. It is getting […]

IT-in-the-service of business: a cost equation  

The IT leader today wears a heavy crown. Supporting a vocal end user community that has consumer aspirations for instant-on IT, he/she is also tasked with managing the miracle – digital transformation that leverages IT’s full potential to wrestle new sources of value from the organization’s competitive landscape. The key to success, so the story […]

Shawn Rosemarin, Chief-of-Staff and Field CTO for VMware Canada

Peter Christy, director, networking practice, 451 Research

451 Research: The Open Compute Project; open is one thing, interoperable is another  

In IT parlance, “open” is often used synonymously with interoperable, but is that really end of story? In this special report presented below, 451 research director for networks, Peter Christy, reconsiders levels of success achieved by open initiatives such as the Open Compute Project in ensuring that compute components work together and that systems can […]

Microsecond speed in new financial fabric  

Imagine a global fabric that connects all financial and capital markets, linking buyers and sellers to each other through one large, secure networking pipe. Imagine that this fabric can deliver the speeds needed for order processing in an industry where microseconds can make the difference between success and failure. And now imagine that this network […]

Roji Oommen, managing director, Financial Services, Business Technology Solutions, CenturyLink Technology Solutions