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Hydro delivers a DC power boost

La belle province is the new darling of the Canadian data centre industry. Driven by growing appetite for data centre services associated with the digitization of business and daily life, and fueled by demand for local delivery, global operators are setting up shop in Quebec at an impressive rate. While AWS announced this past January […]

David Patrick COLO-D 2

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS

HPE persists with Persistent Memory

Computer memory, aka RAM (random access memory), comes with pluses and minuses. It’s fast, and because it’s snuggled up to the CPU, there’s not a lot of latency. But it’s volatile – when the power goes away, its contents are lost. Flash storage like SSDs, on the other hand, is non-volatile (when the power goes […]

Microsoft brings Canadian Azure to early adopters

A (r) evolutionary conjuncture of factors has culminated in Canadian-based, Microsoft cloud resource lift-off. First announced last June, Canadian cloud capability has finally come into focus with release of an operational preview of Microsoft’s Azure to select “early adopter” customers out of data centre facilities located in Toronto and Quebec City. In Q2 2016, the […]

Janet Kennedy, president, Microsoft Canada

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS

They’re doing what?? Microsoft open play

Microsoft has been startling people right and left this month, and Microsoft watchers are having a lot of fun. Or not, depending on their mindset. The first coffee-spewing moment occurred when, out of the blue, the company announced that it would release SQL Server on (gasp) Linux. For people fixated on the old, Windows-only Microsoft, […]

Yitamin Y: How open is open, and when is open too open?

Context: Dell Canada recently invited InsightaaS and other IT journalists to a presentation designed to establish Dell thought leadership on IT infrastructure challenges facing the enterprise. The session also aimed at showcasing Dell’s response – a growing portfolio of products that cross the range of data centre requirements, which have grown out of a spirited […]

Armughan Ahmad, VP, Enterprise Solutions & Alliances, Dell