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Yitamin Y: How open is open, and when is open too open?  

Context: Dell Canada recently invited InsightaaS and other IT journalists to a presentation designed to establish Dell thought leadership on IT infrastructure challenges facing the enterprise. The session also aimed at showcasing Dell’s response – a growing portfolio of products that cross the range of data centre requirements, which have grown out of a spirited […]

Armughan Ahmad, VP, Enterprise Solutions & Alliances, Dell


Review and forecast: did IT live up to the hype in 2015, and what’s in store for 2016? 2

Analysts: Mary Allen (InsightaaS), Anurag Agrawal (Techaisle), Michael O’Neil (InsightaaS) December has traditionally served as the occasion for the publication of New Year forecasts. It’s understandable that we want to look ahead to the sources of opportunity that lie ahead. But in the business world, December also marks the beginning of the review season, the […]

Vitamin Y: Dell to acquire EMC

InsightaaS ‘Vitamin Y’ posts provide concise analysis of industry events and developments. This post examines Dell’s record-setting $67 billion acquisition of EMC. Context: Since becoming a private company, Dell has touted its ability to make decisions that extend beyond investor focus on 90 day results cycles. The firm has also been shoring up some of […]


Paul Monaghan, director, cloud and managed services, Rogers Enterprise Business Unit

Rogers’ cloud converging mobile and IT

In IT speak, “as-a-Service” has come to stand for ‘instant’ and ‘easy’ – attributes that Rogers stressed in announcing new services aimed at helping Canadian businesses better manage their network and security infrastructure. With Virtual Managed Network Services, WiFi-as-a-Service, and a new Rapid Application Development Platform, the cable company’s Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) is looking […]

Micro data centres doing the bridgework for IoT

The fight for data centre efficiency is a never ending one. Yet despite the best laid plans, data centre architectures continue to go through multiple iterations before achieving a functional end. The latest concept that is gaining attention with enterprises and small businesses alike is the micro data centre (mDC). Some will argue that micro […]

Maurice F. Zetena II, VP, data centre technology, network solutions, Leviton