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Data centre options in a post-Brexit world

In a recent conversation with a senior executive at a rapidly expanding, Toronto-based cloud provider, an inevitable point of discussion was European expansion. Like many organizations with eyes on that part of the world, the plan was to set up a London, UK office. While that plan will likely follow through, the executive admitted his […]

Penny Jones, senior analyst, European Services, 451 Research

Peter Christy, director, networking practice, 451 Research

451 Research: The Open Compute Project; open is one thing, interoperable is another

In IT parlance, “open” is often used synonymously with interoperable, but is that really end of story? In this special report presented below, 451 research director for networks, Peter Christy, reconsiders levels of success achieved by open initiatives such as the Open Compute Project in ensuring that compute components work together and that systems can […]

Containers FTW

The cloud was built on virtualization. It allows maximum use of hardware in a cost-effective way, and helps providers support customers while protecting them from each other. It started with sever virtualization, with software that creates multiple “machines” on a single piece of hardware, then spread to storage and networking, allowing resource usage in these […]

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS

Alano Medonte, director, channel sales North East US and Canada, Equinix

Equinix IOA unlocks global opportunity for big business in Canada

When the Canadian market beckoned, Equinix responded with the opening of a new US$100 million International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre in the heart of downtown Toronto – a.k.a. TR2. The new site located at Front and Parliament Streets is touted as one of the most powerful facilities in the province, boasting 25 megawatts of […]

Hydro delivers a DC power boost

La belle province is the new darling of the Canadian data centre industry. Driven by growing appetite for data centre services associated with the digitization of business and daily life, and fueled by demand for local delivery, global operators are setting up shop in Quebec at an impressive rate. While AWS announced this past January […]

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