Maitland integration links technical and business goals  

Background: Maitland’s approach to business evolution offers an instructive demonstration of the complex interplay of IT and business requirements – and insight into the impact of their alignment on sustainable growth. Founded by a group of South African lawyers in Luxembourg in 1976 as a provider of cross-border legal and tax advisory services to corporate […]

Gareth Billimore, manager, project office, Maitland

USB powered crystal ball for an updated view into the future - path included

Across the Net: Two views on the evolution of analytics  

InsightaaS: At this time of year, there’s a barrage of predictions forecasting new developments in the IT industry or in specific niches – heck, we published one ourselves in December! I recently got a chance to review two analytics-focused pieces on LinkedIn. One, by Bernard Marr, is a review of “the big [Big Data] stories of […]

IB’s Healthcare Symposium 2015 explores cultural transformation

What is the sound of one hand clapping? Can analytics drive better business outcomes when used in isolation, and what is the value of insight that is not acted upon? These questions served as notional underpinning to the key challenge posed at Information Builders’ second annual Healthcare Symposium held in Ontario’s Hockley Valley last month […]

Laure Pitfield

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to

Microsoft underground 2

When we think about Microsoft, all sorts of things come to mind. Word processors, spreadsheets and servers, for example. But wheelchairs? Seriously? If you step into Microsoft’s underground, anything is possible. The company recently gave a small group of journalists a tour of its labs and a chance to chat with researchers to offer a […]

The governance hierarchy

‘Governance’ is a term that is heard frequently in business and technology circles. It can be a confusing word, as it has several different but related meanings. Generally, governance is used to describe objectives and/or activities that connect to “control” or “process” (or “the control of processes”). However, some objectives are components in achievement of […]