Vitamin Y Cloud Symposium Recap: Cloud in Context – Analytics  

Context: In April 2015, InsightaaS teamed with stakeholders from across the cloud community – enterprise and SMB IT management, global IT leaders and Canadian cloud service providers, integrators and consultants, academics, associations, training firms and other experts – to launch the Toronto Cloud Business Coalition. Dedicated to accelerating adoption and use of cloud in Canada, […]


David Didur, design director, founding partner, Think2Thing

Could 3D printing change enterprise culture and processes?

3D printing started out as a gargantuan technology that took up a larger footprint than most offices could accommodate. In the early iterations, it was the stuff of science fiction, where machines could generate everything from weaponry to human clones. The realities of 3D printing now seem a bit more mundane. Today it is typically […]

Data modeling puts the intelligence in BI

“IT as an industry has declared war on data modeling for all the wrong reasons,” said Dr. Rado Kotorov, chief innovation officer and VP global product marketing at Information Builders. “The self-service business intelligent movement declares: ‘Let’s not model data. Let’s just give access to people who know what do with data for one-off analysis.’ […]

Ron Huizenga, senior product manager ER/Studio, Embarcadero Technologies

Peter Papadakos, director, decision support, Quinte Health Care

Creating ‘data aware’ culture: Quinte Heath Care 1

Background: Quinte Health Care Corporation is comprised of four geographically dispersed hospitals in Hastings and Prince Edward counties of Ontario, which employ a total of 1,600 people. Each of these institutions serves patient regions featuring different demographic profiles, a point that has become more significant as Quinte strives to align delivery of patient care with […]

Is peer pressure the answer to addressing the gender gap in tech? 2

We might think the gender barriers are disappearing in the enterprise workspace, but not much seems to have changed. That was the general consensus at a recent Women in Analytics Network and Leadership Symposium hosted by Information Builders in Toronto. The day’s event began with an overview of these statistics later sourced to a CanWIT […]

Melissa Treier, VP, product sales and strategy, North America, Information Builders