Bitcoin, blockchain and banking: the “ValueWeb”

As former president of IDC Canada and marketing director with the Canada Systems Group, reviewer Paul Kennedy has long term experience with both technology and organizational structures, which allows him to provide a unique perspective on management issues. In his thoughts on “ValueWeb,” he offers a seasoned view on the interplay between tech innovation and […]

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Christian Renaud, research director, Internet of Things, 451 Research

451 Research: IoT security M&A, Part 2

IoT presents a compelling demonstration of fragmentation in emerging markets. While IoT solutions combine a mix of components from multiple vendors across the ICT stack, they frequently attempt to merge technologies from different sides of the IT/OT platform divide – in vertically oriented solutions that seek to solve business problems, rather than upgrade technology capabilities […]

Unique Meetup debates the IoT Ecosystem in Canada

On June 23, CIA-Plus Toronto – the meetup group launched by InsightaaS to provide a forum for community meetings on Cloud, IoT and Analytics and Big Data – hosted a “Building the IoT Ecosystem in Canada” meetup at Metro Hall.The session, headlined by speakers and panelists from Cisco, Schulich School of Business, Red Hat, ORION (the […]

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Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS

Augment your reality

Virtual reality (VR) seems to have captured peoples’ imaginations this year. We have Oculus Rift (owned by Facebook) and HTC Vive and other toys to play with. They’re cool, though, and can dump you completely into a virtual world with 360 degree views and changing perspectives, as though you’re (almost) actually there. VR games let […]

451 Research: ERM Advanced Telematics betting on IoT opportunity beyond traditional telematics

InsightaaS perspective: One of the more intriguing aspects of IoT is the concept’s service as a springboard for conjuring new technology use cases. In a recent report, 451 Researchers Brian Partridge, David Immerman and Christian Renaud have considered the opportunities this kind of visioning offers to existing tech firms – in this case, to ERM […]

Christian Renaud, research director, Internet of Things, 451 Research