The future of circular electronics: New trend report reveals key insights towards 2035

The electronics industry needs to take a more customer-centric and proactive approach, and create sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the planet. “The Landscape of Circular Electronics Towards 2035” trend report, commissioned by Circular Electronics Initiative, provides an analysis of developments that are set to shape circular electronics to 2035, and identifies eight trends to keep an eye on.

The report calls for action from stakeholders across the electronics value chain. It encourages the introduction of circular practices and highlights trends that are likely to form a pathway towards 2035. The report underscores the importance of rethinking design, usage and recycling of electronics – beyond traditional e-waste management.

“The report introduces eight trends that we believe are crucial to be aware of and work with when looking at the future of circular electronics. These are broad trends that involve different parts of society, such as tech, regulation, and consumer habits,” says Olivier Rostang, Futures Strategist at Kairos Future, which produced the report.

The report offers a comprehensive overview of various developments poised to influence circular electronics by 2035. It identifies the following eight key trends to look out for:

  1. Sustainability merges with geopolitics
  2. The EU as a regulator is growing more important
  3. Tracking, tracing and transparency on the rise
  4. Despite setbacks, the circular economy is advancing
  5. Everything is becoming electronics
  6. Ownership is getting serious competition
  7. AI will help speed up the transition
  8. Consumers demand sustainable comfort and comfortable sustainability

“With this report, we aim to spotlight the key trends that will shape the future of circular electronics. Our goal is to push the conversation forward and stimulate collective action towards a more sustainable future in electronics,” says Andreas Nobell, Development Manager at TCO Development, one of the founding members of Circular Electronics Initiative.

The Circular Electronics Initiative is an international network of 31 member organizations, united in their mission to inspire the more sustainable use of electronics. The implications of these macro trends underscore the critical mission of the Initiative and its commitment to promoting a more sustainable electronics ecosystem.

You can download the full report here.

About Circular Electronics Initiative

Circular Electronics Initiative is an international network with 31 member organizations. Its purpose is to inspire decision-makers, businesses, and consumers to use and manage electronics in a more circular way.

The initiative drives communication activities, including Circular Electronics Day (#circularelectronicsday), which is highlighted every year on 24 January. You can find more information about the initiative and member organizations on the Circular Electronics Initiative website.–new-trend-report-reveals-key-insights-towards-2035,c3961088


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