Roadmapping the Cloud and The Phoenix Project: A double-feature on April 28!

PhoenixProjectCoverAmazonWe don’t generally run promotional pieces on InsightaaS, but I’m involved in an upcoming event that I think will be really interesting – and it connects to content that is “hot” in IT circles, so there’s some additional reason for bringing this to the attention of our readers.

The “Roadmap to Cloud Success” event is being hosted by CenturyLink at the Hilton Markham Suites, 8500 Warden Avenue in Markham, from 8:00-10:30. I’ll be presenting on planning/roadmapping for cloud adoption and expansion, and David Shacochis, VP of Cloud Platforms at CenturyLink, will present on 3 Ways that Cloud Empowers IT.

I had originally intended for my presentation to be drawn from the third section of my book, The Death of Core Competency, and I’ll still lean on some of the content contained in the “Workshopping the Cloud” chapter. Recently, though, I’ve run across some new material that I’ll also want to discuss: for example, the cloud implications of social network research that was highlighted in the MIT Technology Review (and on Across the Net), and some excellent guidance on cloud governance delivered in a TechConnex Cloud Peer Group presentation by Tim Ubbens of Amex and David Van Geilswyk of Mid Range, which in turn helped provide motivation for the recent launch of the Toronto Cloud Business Coalition. With all of that as an intro…I’ll be talking about how cloud usage within organizations will densify over time, and what this means to successful cloud planning, governance, security and platform strategies.

As much as I think my part of the event will be interesting, I’m really looking forward to David’s presentation. It’s based in part on “The Phoenix Project,” a novel that is much more entertaining than any work of fiction focused on DevOps has any right to be! David has built some of the “Parts Unlimited” story into live demos that he’ll be running at the event – so if you’re interested in how your business can embrace some of the breakthroughs that Bill, Wes, Patty and the seemingly-omniscient Erik achieve (despite interference from Sarah, the obstreperous retail executive), this is the session for you!

Click here to learn more and register. There’s no charge for attendance, but seating is limited.


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