In November 2014, InsightaaS Principal Analyst Michael O’Neil launched a ground-breaking management book on cloud computing, The Death of Core Competency: A management guide to cloud computing and the zero-friction future. The book – shown below in its listing – is structured in four sections that combine to provide management with insight into where and how cloud is important to business strategy and guidance on how to align cloud investments and activities to obtain the maximum benefit from cloud strategies.DoCC-BotY

Core sections of the book include:

  • The death of core competency and the zero-friction future: This section illustrates the ways that cloud enables reduced cost and improved agility at each of four levels of IT delivery: platform technology, “foundational” technologies (including security, collaboration and mobility), task automation and “net-new” capabilities such as Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things. It then goes on to examine how reducing the friction associated with new automation changes executive management options and requirements. It concludes by observing that in the “day of cloud,” the majority of time, opportunity and exposure is connected with management rather than IT options, noting that firms that are led by managers who focus tightly on a handful of “core competencies” will be eclipsed by those that pursue an “omnicompetence” approach. 
  • Twelve steps to the cloud: This chapter analyzes the key steps involved in adopting cloud capabilities and then expanding cloud to position it as business (rather than IT) infrastructure. It helps senior leaders across the enterprise to plot a common path that encompasses cloud as a platform technology contributing to enhanced bottom-line performance, through to orchestration across multiple task automation applications spanning business processes, functional departments and ultimately the entire enterprise as a means of capitalizing on cloud’s unique ability to unlock new sources of competitive advantage.
  • Workshopping the cloud: This section provides a ‘deep dive’ into some of the most important issues associated with cloud adoption, providing IT and business management with relevant guidance on key activities. Subjects covered include cloud business planning, cloud infrastructure adoption, security, collaboration, mobility, SaaS adoption, Big Data and IoT.
  • Building bridges to the zero-friction future: The concluding chapter of the book highlights key implications of its content for the enterprise as a whole, and lists next steps and important considerations for non-management staff members, IT management and for executive management.

The Death of Core Competency is available through most major outlets and in most formats. If you can’t obtain it through your local bookseller, you can visit the following:

InsightaaS also delivers keynote speeches on each of the four core subjects, a bootcamp that spans all four areas, and strategy workshops for businesses looking to develop or revamp their cloud strategies, and for IT suppliers looking to improve their go-to-market activities.

Based on the success of The Death of Core Competency, InsightaaS established a books division, InsightaaS Press. We are committed to producing two books per year that follow on the path established by The Death of Core Competency: management-level analysis and guidance on technology issues that have significant business impact and implications. Authors with ideas for books along these lines are invited to contact us at