Louis Columbus: Roundup Of Cloud Computing Online Courses

ATN-300InsightaaS: Louis Columbus’s A Passion for Research blog (as regular Across the Net readers have seen) is one of the most interesting sources of information on the internet. Last month, we highlighted his post entitled “Roundup Of Analytics, Big Data & Business Intelligence Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2014” – and found broad interest across our reader community. This month, we are featuring another “roundup,” this time of online cloud computing courses. It represents a six-month update to his previous post on the subject (published in Forbes), and as might be expected with an issue as ‘hot’ as cloud, there have been many new options added for the cloud-interested professional, from sources such as AWS, Microsoft and Google – as well as from several universities, including MIT. The highlight of this post is a table containing information on free online resources; if you click through to the linked PDF, the list expands to include a handful of paid options as well. 

Amazon Web Services, Coursera, Google, MIT Courseware and Microsoft are accelerating the depth and variety of cloud computing courses, courseware and learning materials they are freely making available online.

Over the last six months since the last Roundup Of Free Cloud Computing Online Courses, Amazon Web Services has added an additional series of free instructional videos, self-paced labs and selected free courses in the seven areas their AWS Training programs focus on. Microsoft’s Virtual Academy has grown to include more courses, training material and entire section of free downloadable books from Microsoft Press.  Google’s continual additions to the Developer Academy include online courses to learn more about Google AppEngine, Python App Engine and Google Cloud SQL.

Coursera and the University of Maryland, University of New Mexico and Vanderbilt University are all offering free courses on Android, mobile and web application development.  MIT Courseware continues to add useful courses across the broad spectrum of subjects they cover. The dominant theme of all courses is a new focus on creating and launching a new cloud computing application during the course…

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