Louis Columbus: Roundup Of Analytics, Big Data & Business Intelligence Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2014

InsightaaS: Readers of Across the Net will be familiar with the work of Louis Columbus; we have cited his Enterprise Irregulars posts in the past, and have come to respect his thoughtful, fact-based approach to analyzing trends in the SaaS world. In May, we highlighted a post from Columbus’s  A Passion for Research blog that provided a roundup of cloud forecasts. Reaction to this post was very positive, and so when we saw that Columbus had issued another round – this time, for analytics, Big Data and BI – we thought we’d bring it, too, to the attention of Across the Net readers, so that you can benefit from Columbus’s compilation of data from a wide range of sources, including A.T. Kearney, Wikibon, Forrester, Bain & Co, IDC, Redwood Capital (whose charts also reference Gartner), and others. What’s intriguing isn’t so much the tremendous growth indicated by the forecast, but the diversity in perspectives. Big Data analytics is a rapidly-emerging market with opportunities in many areas; it is important virtually everywhere in the economy, but business leaders in all sectors will be challenged to keep pace with its evolution. This type of roundup helps to recalibrate some of our baseline assumptions, while simultaneously exposing us to new areas of activity.

From manufacturers looking to gain greater insights into streamlining production, reducing time-to-market and increasing product quality to financial services firms seeking to upsell clients, analytics is now essential for any business looking to stay competitive.  Marketing is going through its own transformation, away from traditional tactics to analytics- and data-driven strategies that deliver measurable results.

Analytics and the insights they deliver are changing competitive dynamics daily by delivering greater acuity and focus.  The high level of interest and hype surrounding analytics, Big Data and business intelligence (BI) is leading to a proliferation of market projections and forecasts, each providing a different perspective of these markets.

Presented below is a roundup of recent forecasts and market estimates…

Read the entire post: http://softwarestrategiesblog.com/2014/07/03/roundup-of-analytics-big-data-business-intelligence-forecasts-and-market-estimates-2014/


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