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ATN: The Apple customer letter and the conflict between cybersecurity and government oversight

InsightaaS: Let me start with a disclaimer. I’m not a big fan of “the fruit company:” I use no Apple products, and don’t care for how they are positioned. That said, I do appreciate the stance that Apple is taking to protect smartphone-resident data. The crux of the issue addressed in the “Customer Letter” dated […]

Verizon to customers: Leave now, clock’s ticking…

InsightaaS: Several of the best practices documents developed by the Toronto Cloud Business Coalition, including those dedicated to planning for the cloud/cloud strategy and cloud GRC, mention the importance of building exit strategies: of defining what will happen in the event that a customer wants to leave a supplier, or if a supplier discontinues its […]



Re/code: After $66 Billion Goes Poof, Cloud Software Stock Outlook Turns Very Foggy

InsightaaS: This post from Re/code has been prominent in social media, and understandably so – most people who are connected with the tech industry are interested in stock valuations, since they affect the business options for private firms, the stock options held by employees of public firms, the investors in both kinds of companies, and […]

ATN: Project Natick plumbs new data centre depths

InsightaaS: The IT trade press is abuzz today with reports on Project Natick*, an experimental Azure pod deployed 30 meters below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Microsoft project manager Ben Cutler says, “Project Natick is a radical approach to how we deploy data centres. Basically what we’re doing is, we’re taking green data centres […]