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ATN: Project Natick plumbs new data centre depths  

InsightaaS: The IT trade press is abuzz today with reports on Project Natick*, an experimental Azure pod deployed 30 meters below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Microsoft project manager Ben Cutler says, “Project Natick is a radical approach to how we deploy data centres. Basically what we’re doing is, we’re taking green data centres […]



ATN: Interesting post on Windows licensing changes impacting Azure/hybrid  

InsightaaS: The initial intent of Across the Net (ATN) was to expose InsightaaS readers to posts on other sites that we thing raise interesting questions or provide interesting analysis of issues impacting “the”why’ in enterprise technology.” Today’s featured post does both. ” Windows Server 2016 licensing tweak could cause big headaches,” from the TechTarget portal […]

USB powered crystal ball for an updated view into the future - path included

Across the Net: Two views on the evolution of analytics

InsightaaS: At this time of year, there’s a barrage of predictions forecasting new developments in the IT industry or in specific niches – heck, we published one ourselves in December! I recently got a chance to review two analytics-focused pieces on LinkedIn. One, by Bernard Marr, is a review of “the big [Big Data] stories of […]

DCD: Shift in the data centre facility market?

InsightaaS: The December issue of DatacenterDynamics Magazine contains an intriguing article on the simultaneous interest from several telcos in selling off data centre facilities. The article highlights AT&T’s intention to sell $2 billion worth of data centres, Tata Communications’ sale of 44 facilities in India, Windstream Communications sales of its data centres, and current plans […]