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Aaron Dignan: The Operating Model that is Eating the World  

InsightaaS: This 2013 post, by digital strategist Aaron Dignan, was nominated as a reference for the TCBC Planning for the Cloud/Cloud Strategy – SMB group, but it informs many of the areas that are important to integrating cloud into business – strategy, but also skills, GRC, and cloud business models, metrics and imperatives. The post […]


Dave Sterlace, market development manager for data centers and critical power, Thomas & Betts (ab ABB company)

Medium voltage AC: Big Data? ‘Big Power’ isn’t far behind

Context: an evolving standard for power distribution Data center operators are under intense pressure to maximize the efficiency of data centers. To maintain competitiveness in a race in which rack density increases and power consumption keeps pace to meet increasing demand for service delivery, data center operators are looking for ways to improve the efficiency […]


Interesting post on the business implications of IoT/Industrial Internet

There’s no doubt that technology is driving fundamental changes in many different kinds of businesses. The public perspective on this has been evolving over time: in 2011, Marc Andreesen noted that “software is eating the world.” In early 2014, David Moschella noted that as innovation in multiple araeas proceeds, any traditional company “can be seen […]

Infographic: A primer on AWS

InsightaaS: Is it a trend, or just the need for “summer reading” in the IT industry? Whatever the cause, ATN is starting to see some very interesting infographics. Today’s comes from Udemy, which has produced the graphic as a companion to an online course it offers entitled “AWS Certified Solutions Architect (2013).” It provides some […]