ATN: CB Insights on Game Changers

CB Insights is known to most IT industry insiders as the ‘go to’ source for information on early-stage technology trends, opportunities and players. The firm’s free newsletter is being scaled back (at present, to 2x/week), which will no doubt disappoint the thousands who look to it for graphics and concise analysis detailing everything from market niches to new unicorns.

CB Insights has recently released “Game Changers 2018,” a PowerPoint-style report that highlights “Emerging trends to watch and high-momentum startups with world-changing potential.” The report provides coverage of ten “game changer categories,” and within the category, of three innovative firms (“30 startups that could change the world”). The report also highlights key investors in the start-ups>

Game Changers 2018 is available at no cost from CB Insights (email registration required). Follow this link if you’d like to explore the future fringes of the tech world.


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