Summer Scan series: Industrialization of the Data Centre – the Compute Factory breakout session

The ‘Summer Scan’ series provides data centre community professionals with a summer-weight way of scanning the ideas shaping the industry. Each Summer Scan session contains a video – of a panel debate, a breakout session or one of the Academic Congress presentations delivered by a world-leading expert – that was originally presented at the Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium (GCDCS19) on June 19th-20th at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario.

In this Summer Scan, we present “Industrialization of the Data Centre: the Compute Factory” one of the four breakouts from the Symposium. Led by Francois Sterin, Chief Industrialization Officer for OVH, the session expands on original research – the Industrialization of the Data Centre: the Compute Factory produced by InsightaaS and the DC Foresight community, delivered in June 2019.

Enjoy the video, and please use this link if you’d like to download the report!


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