Cryptocurrency – or, no ATN today #BecauseGoDaddy

InsightaaS: Okay, this isn’t exactly how I drew this up on the whiteboard. I actually put a post up, filled with the keen insight and dry humour for which ATN is renowned! But #GoDaddy, which we migrated to recently, made about 12 hours (still not exactly sure how much time is involved) of web history disappear.

So – sorry, but today’s usual ATN has been delayed pending someone who will take me off hold and deliver some of that “world class service” the female voice on the tech support hold messaging keeps promising…

Edit – off hold, and out into the “someone is on the ticket” wilderness. I wish we could actually deliver content, but #GoDaddy…actually, that reminds me of a blues tune (in the Delta style – kind of like Katie Mae):


#BecauseGoDaddy…no one can hear what you say

#BecauseGoDaddy…no one can hear what you say

You write your wisdom down with WordPress,

GoDaddy techs just blow it away…


Because GoDaddy…images float in the air

Because GoDaddy…images float in the air

You post your pictures on GoDaddy,

But tomorrow, they’s not there…


Goodbye GoDaddy…I need to find another host

Goodbye GoDaddy…I’m going back to my old host

You take my money for your service,

And then you vanish like a ghost 


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