Infographic: Super Bowl social

InsightaaS: The Super Bowl is unquestionably the most overblown event on the global media calendar (except when the Patriots win, in which case it’s just about right). Fans of each of the participating teams spend weeks talking about the game, though this year, they spent additional time talking about football inflation and basic science (and why Bill Nye can’t actually do the basic science involved with understanding how temperature affects pressure. Bill Nye the Science #Mediot?). Other football fans watch the game, as it’s the last competitive football they’ll see for months. And marketers fall over each other discussing who ‘won’ and ‘lost’ the Best Commercial contest.

In recent years, the analysis – and competition – has expanded to include social media measurement. Today’s infographic is sourced from, which posted a picture of how the SB XXXXIX battle played out on Twitter. The research used to prepare the infographic showed that five brands – Budwiser (including its goofy dog vs. predator ad), Nationwide (which decided to abandon Peyton Manning, who crashed out of the playoffs a few weeks ago, and instead feature a video about a dead kid – a decision that was much worse that the “pass from the one yard line” call that the Seahawks made at the end of the game), Skittles, Doritos and McDonald’s – attracted the most buzz; except for Nationwide and to a lesser extent, Skittles (which is associated with the losing Seahawks), viewer sentiment was positive. 

With respect to the game – apparently the Patriots “won” the social battle as well as the game, while Seahawks coach Carroll won the infographic’s “Coach of the Year” award with a 53% share of voice – though Salesforce might want to reconsider the award, as 51% of the commentary was negative (there’s that end of game call again!), vs. 67% positive for Patriots coach Belichick.

The event and the buzz around it are, as noted above, overblown, but the infographic might still be interesting…

See the infographic on SlideShare: Link 


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