Wikibon: CIOs – If You're Not Following The Trends, You're Far From Alone

InsightaaS: Scott Lowe of Wikibon, the open source community of world-leading storage analysts, has published a piece on a fascinating subject: the disconnect between the trends that we read about in the trade press and the actual plans, activities and agendas of IT leaders. Rather than talking about cloud, he looks instead at the “myriad of obstacles holding organizations back from jumping on some of the current technology trends.” 

One of reasons that I love consulting and love attending events where I meet with end users is that I get to “keep it real” by seeing what’s really happening out in the real world as opposed to what analysts think should be happening in the data center and across the IT spectrum.  To listen to some of the typical tech media, one would think that everyone is now running their data centers inside public clouds or hybrid clouds and that the IT group is now completely focused on accelerating the business and technology issues are a thing of the past.

Everyone, that is, except you.  As you read these reports, you may walk away believing that you’re the only shop left still running all on-premises and without full data center automation and without any kind of converged infrastructure…

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