Wikibon: Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast 2013-2017

InsightaaS: Regular Across the Net readers will be aware of our admiration of Wikibon, the open source analyst community that is one of the Internet’s best sources of IT industry insight. The report “Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast 2013-2017 illustrates why we hold Wikibon in such high regard. In it, Jeff Kelly delivers an incredibly-detailed market analysis: he delineates total Big Data market size and growth, splits between (and within) hardware, software and services, review of market drivers and barriers, revenue estimates for 74 (!) discrete vendors, and analysis of all of the above.

The Big Data market as measured by vendor revenue derived from sales of related hardware, software and services reached $18.6 billion in calendar year 2013. That represents a growth rate of 58% over the previous year.

Broken down by type, Big Data-related services revenue made up 40% of the total market, followed by hardware at 38% and software at 22%. Such a breakdown is due in part to the open source nature of much Big Data software and related business models of Big Data vendors, as well as the need for professional services to help enterprises identify Big Data uses cases, architect solutions and maintain performance.

Big Data Growth Drivers

Several important growth drivers fueled the Big Data market in 2013. They include:

  • Both mega-IT-vendors and pure-play Big Data vendors took steps to better articulate their product & services roadmaps and larger visions for Big Data in the enterprise, creating greater confidence from enterprise buyers.
  • The products and services related to Big Data continued to mature from a features perspective in 2013, further spurring adoption. These include the advent of YARN, which lays the foundation for Hadoop as a true multi-application framework, and the continued evolution of cloud-based Big Data services for large-scale analytics and application development.
  • Big Data technologies also took important steps towards greater enterprise-grade capabilities in 2013, critical for mass enterprise adoption. These steps included better privacy, security and governance capabilities, as well as improved backup & recovery and high-availability for Hadoop specifically.
  • Partnerships also played an important role in maturing the Big Data landscape in 2013.

Read the entire report:



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