The Sunday Infographic: North American innovation report

InsightaaS: Each Sunday, we feature an infographic that we think will be of interest to Across the Net readers. This week, we’re featuring an infographic from Philips which is based on an extensive survey of North Americans – 1,005 living in the US, and another 500 living in Canada. The questions revolved around innovation: what are the best sources? What are the biggest barriers? What should be the goal for innovation, and which areas are most in need of innovation? What are the most innovative products of the next decade…and are you dreaming of the next one? The infographic is part of the kick-off of an innovation competition that Philips is sponsoring (more information below the graphic). Who know? Maybe the competition, which offers cash and mentoring for breakthrough ideas in health and wellness, will drive an invention that can highlight a future graphic…

Philips innovation infographic

Read about the Philips Innovation competition


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