The Sunday Infographic: How Many Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide…?

InsightaaS: As regular Across the Net readers know, we’re in the habit of publishing an infographic each Sunday. Some readers may remember that in late April we broke with that tradition, publishing instead a link to the superb “World’s Biggest Data Breaches” interactive visualization from Information is Beautiful. Today, we return to Information is Beautiful to share with you a poster that is available for free download at the site’s print store. In it, we see the current and projected amounts of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere, and the impact of released CO2 on temperatures, sea levels, “drowning cities” (Amsterdam and New York City?!), ocean acidification, heat, crop yields, destructive weather events, species extinction and “really scary things.”



View the poster in context:

You may also want to explore the underlying data sheet, which contains links to additional information: the original data is at, and a guide to recent updates can be found at



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