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CentriLogic achieves EU-U.S. Privacy Shield certification

TORONTO, Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CentriLogic, a global provider of managed IT solutions, announces today that it has completed the certification process...

Big Data-as-a-Service takes shape in Canada

CenturyLink Technology Solutions is undergoing metamorphosis. Like many organizations that entered the data centre business a half decade ago or so, the company is...

Scalar Decisions launches Advanced SOC in new TO home

Context: Canadian solutions integrator Scalar Decisions is at a high peak in its growth trajectory, and has the new digs to prove it. This...

Rogers’ cloud converging mobile and IT

In IT speak, “as-a-Service” has come to stand for ‘instant’ and ‘easy’ – attributes that Rogers stressed in announcing new services aimed at helping...