Tableau: Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence in 2015

ATN-300InsightaaS: Most businesspeople are familiar with the Market Lifecycle (or Market Adoption Curve), in which products are plotted on curve that moves from “early adopters” to “early mass market” to “late mass market” to “laggards” (or in the variant I prefer, “repeat purchasers”). 

I used to do a lot of workshops that would include a discussion of the market lifecycle, in which I’d ask participants to plot their technologies on the curve. In virtually all cases, a company would position its own products one step further to the right than the market would: this was particularly true of early stage product vendors, who would typically position their offerings as early mass market products.

I was thinking of this as I reviewed the “Top 10 trends in Business Intelligence in 2015” list published by Tableau Software earlier this month. The issues themselves are interesting, and there’s evidence to support each of them as a coming trend. Personally, I don’t believe that most of these trends will arrive in 2015; I think that Tableau, like many companies, is so deep in its own market that it believes the market as a whole is (roughly) as advanced as its clients, which is generally not the case, and certainly not for BI. However, the entire market is maturing with respect to BI. The Tableau list provides a glimpse of what is coming in BI – it’s just a little further away than the post makes it appear!

In this post, gentle reader, we give you no less than the future.

Every year a number of us gather to discuss the state of analytics. What’s new, what’s innovative. Which concepts are emerging, and which promising approaches are finally becoming mainstream.

While we can’t promise that we are 100% correct, we can promise an interesting read…

Note – what follows is the Slideshare presentation embedded in the post

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