SiliconANGLE: The Data Economy – Understanding the Hadoop-Data warehouse balance of power

InsightaaS: Founded in 2009, SiliconANGLE provides IT news and analysis focused on “where computer science intersects social science.” In this post, Wikibon analyst Jeffrey Kelley asks, and then answers, the question “Will Hadoop replace your enterprise data warehouse (EDW)?” The article states that Hadoop “is not going to outright replace your EDW,” but highlights areas in which Hadoop offers a cost-effective means of supporting compute and storage-intensive EDW workloads, and others where Hadoop provides capabilities that are beyond traditional EDW systems. In the end, each approach will have discrete strengths, and there will be overlap between them – challenging vendors to create effective positioning, and giving enterprises a richer set of tools with which to approach the “data economy.”

Will Hadoop replace your enterprise data warehouse (EDW)?

This question, or some variation there of, has been making the rounds lately….[and] the answer to this question has significant ramifications for data warehouse vendors and the $10 billion plus EDW market, so its not surprising its getting so much attention. So what’s the answer?

Well, it depends on what you mean by “replace.” Sorry for the nuance, but nuance is required in this case.

Wikibon agrees…that Hadoop is not going to outright replace your EDW. The EDW is a mature technology that supports many mission-critical workloads related to business intelligence reporting. Many executives and managers rely on these reports to run their businesses….

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