Santa's robo-elves, Amazon style (video)

InsightaaS: It's Sunday, and the holidays are sprinting towards us. Like many, my shopping isn't done, but I figure Amazon ships fast enough so that I don't need to worry too much about the calendar.

In this video - which, following the best of social media patterns, was posted by "Mikey Pryvt" (crediting BusinessWire), featured in an article by GigaOm, and was brought to our attention by an item from @SheepdogInc in our Twitter home feed - we see how the most automated of Amazon's warehouses function. It's pretty much what you'd envision for behind-the-scenes fulfillment, if your imagination runs to unbelievable levels of automation involving squat little robots, and some form of computer-driven magic that keeps the entire works from colliding into one great pile of books, toys and consumer electronics...