Redwood Capital: Sector report on business intelligence

ATN-300InsightaaS: I just wrapped up a book on cloud computing (probably not the last time I’ll mention that!), and in the process, got a chance to do a lot of research in many interesting areas. I wanted to highlight one excellent source document here: the sector report on BI by Redwood Capital. The report covers, in a great deal of detail, the issues that are central to an understanding of BI:

  • Trends in the market as it transitions to the ‘next generation’
  • Market sizing and growth for traditional BI, cloud BI, mobile BI and social BI, with descriptions of market drivers in each, plus overviews of Big Data, predictive analytics and enterprise performance management
  • A very detailed review of M&A activity in the sector
  • Thumbnail information on more than 100 firms in the industry, organized by key competitive area

This report is probably already on the hard drives of many readers. If it isn’t on yours, and you have any interest at all in analytics – download it! 

Download the report (no registration required): Link



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