Primus becomes first national Canadian service provider to offer Carrier Grade Ethernet 2.0

InsightaaS: Readers of will know that we don’t generally highlight press releases in the Across the Net section of our site. We thought we’d make an exception in this case, though – and not only because we are cited as an expert authority in the release! We have been conducting research on Carrier Grade Ethernet, as we are persuaded that a certified business-grade connectivity option is an important next step in driving Canadian SMB adoption of cloud-based services.

In this release, Primus promotes the fact that it is the first national Canadian service provider to offer Carrier Grade Ethernet 2.0 to its SMB customers. We believe that having access to a high-quality connection that meets international standards will encourage small businesses that are considering but have not yet adopted cloud – 21% of the SMB community in both Canada and the U.S., according to a survey conducted by Techaisle in December, 2013. The same survey found that poor user connectivity is cited as a cloud inhibitor by 43% of small businesses. We expect offerings like Carrier Grade Ethernet 2.0 will address both the perception and reality around this issue.

TORONTO, February 12, 2014 Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. (Primus) is the first national Canadian full service provider and the 10th company in North America to achieve Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 certification by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Joining the ranks of telecom industry pioneers Comcast and Time Warner Cable, as well as a select few nimble service providers, Primus will use this new technology to enable small and medium sized companies to compete more effectively with businesses of all sizes nationally and globally.

Since its invention in the 1970s, Ethernet has been one of the most significant innovations for businesses of all sizes. It has evolved from Local Area Networks (that connect computers in a limited area such as an office building) to Metro Area Networks (that connect networks that are geographically separated but in the same city) and now to Carrier Ethernet (that connect service providers across the country and around the world) in order to deliver one unified solution to customers.

“Although Carrier Ethernet was designed for large companies, many small and medium-sized business leaders across the country have told us they have the same growing needs for speed and Carrier Ethernet technology,” explains Nilpa Srivastava, VP, Primus Business Services. “So we responded by investing in CE 2.0 technology to help their IT leaders focus on growing their business instead of on the complexities of weaving together a national or global network. Now these companies will have access to world-class services that were previously only available to large organizations such as banks and the federal government.”

With CE 2.0, Canadian businesses can experience the many benefits of network consolidation, including the elimination of separate voice, video, data and Internet network connections, while being able to manage network performance and quality of service…

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