Paul Lewis: Release the Kraken

InsightaaS: Paul Lewis, CTO of Hitachi Data Systems Canada, has an entertaining blog on which he shares thoughts on Big Data and the cloud. In this post, he takes a look at how implicit and explicit collection of personal data might have an impact on our lives.

Exactly like having children, I enjoyed both the creation, early adoption, and ultimate exploitation of Big Data, however (and also like my children) I also fear the Kraken that controls my every life decision.

Like a peacock I walk around proudly all day purposely maximizing the data creation and collection by random and faceless public and private instructions.  Take this week for example.

  • I set my GPS, “Find my Phone”, and (to ensure location accuracy) my WIFI to ON at all times.  I need to make sure that not only all the telecommunications companies know where I am at all times, but also for their ability to trace my individual steps to the square inch
  • As I walk through office buildings, transit systems, and even public streets, I often pause at each CCTV camera posing at different angles to ensure future positive identification
  • For my purchases, I never use cash.  Not only is it untraceable, I’m not a huge fan of the germs.  No, I must use easily traceable electronic payment methods, specifically ones that track the individual items in my basket…

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