PageCloud Funded to Change the Web Forever by Bringing Website Creation to Everyone


With over $11.5 million CAD raised to date, PageCloud will scale its team to accelerate adoption of its website creation platform

OTTAWA, Ontario, Nov. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — PageCloud®, developer of the world’s most innovative website creation platform, closed its Series A financing round, bringing total funds raised to $11.5 million CAD (~$8.6M USD). Key investors include early-stage venture capital firm Accomplice and trade-finance agency Export Development Canada, as well as notable angel investors from, LinkedIn, and Shopify.

“This funding lets us scale our team and continue to democratize the Web for everyone,” said Craig Fitzpatrick, founder and CEO, PageCloud. “We’re shattering the technical barriers to creating content on the world’s greatest medium: the Internet. For the last 20 years, the Web has been dominated by rigid cookie-cutter templates and labor-intensive manual coding. We’re making it as easy as using a pencil and paper, for everyone with an Internet connection. This new financing is a great vote of confidence from investors who share our vision.”

PageCloud’s website creation technology, which debuted in the fall of 2015, marks a major change in the way content is created online. It puts control in the user’s hands with a powerful website creation and editing solution that enables anyone to create rich, unique user experiences without requiring any coding knowledge. PageCloud greatly simplifies the process of creating and editing websites, including the complex process of making web content mobile, with intuitive drag and drop functionality.

The $20.1 billion US website creation market hasn’t changed much in the past 15 years, with tools still too technical for most people to use:

  • 70% of website budget and effort still goes into manual coding, but only 1% of the population knows how to code
  • 45% of businesses in developed countries still don’t have websites yet, and ⅔ of the planet still isn’t online
  • 785 million websites exist today, with 16 million new ones created monthly (or 6 new sites per second)

Since releasing its website creation platform to the public one year ago, PageCloud has acquired more than 15,000 customers in over 130 countries worldwide. This Series A funding will help the company continue to develop the platform and add more groundbreaking functionality, helping anyone create their dream website.

“We love the PageCloud team’s product-first mentality and that we could find early-adopter users who validated the promise of the tech and approach. It’s a big market that hasn’t changed a lot since the advent of the Web, and it’s time for a new, more agile option,” said Jeff Fagnan, founder and general partner, Accomplice. “PageCloud frees people from the shackles of what website creation used to be. It gives non-technical people the ability to build beautiful websites.”

PageCloud is available now for $24/month, which includes hosting, after a 14-day free trial at

About PageCloud

PageCloud is a browser-based website creation platform with a simple goal: to democratize the Web, giving the whole world the ability to create and share online. This innovative, professional-grade website creator lets users build and edit websites with a powerful editing experience not seen on the Web before.

Many world-firsts, like the ability to import layers directly from Photoshop, make PageCloud the world’s most innovative website creator. No need to code or learn complicated back-end user interfaces, and no rigid templates. Thanks to PageCloud, anyone with a browser and an Internet connection now has the ability to create websites that are truly their own.

To learn more, visit

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