Ovum: Hortonworks HDP 2.1 release starts extending “Hadoop Core” platform

InsightaaS: Ovum’s StraightTalk blogsite provides a central portal for opinions from Europe’s best-recognized IT analyst firm. In this post, principal analyst Tony Baer discusses extensions Hortonworks’ Hadoop platform. As Baer points out, Hortonworks is not the only supplier working with Hadoop, but he believes that “HDP 2.1 provides a good indicator to customers as to the platform’s future roadmap” – and InsightaaS believes that the evolution of Hadoop will have an impact on analytics roadmaps within many organizations.


The latest version of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), v2.1, marks a key step in the platform’s future roadmap. HDP 2.1, which will hit general release on April 22, adds full support for Hortonworks’ interactive SQL approach, which is based on accelerating and optimizing performance of Apache Hive. It is also adding search support, via an OEM relationship with LucidWorks, and adds Apache Storm for stream processing. It is the first Hortonworks release supporting its broadened view of the “Hadoop core” — going beyond data storage and runtime to address security, operations management, and data governance. This is consistent with Ovum’s view that, in order to attain mainstream adoption, Hadoop must become a first-class citizen in the enterprise, covering those areas. Admittedly, Hortonworks is not the only player envisioning Hadoop to support the housekeeping capabilities that are expected of any enterprise data platform. While the capabilities are at varying stages of production readiness, HDP 2.1 provides a good indicator to customers as to the platform’s future roadmap…

HDP 2.1 ticks the interactive SQL box

Interactive SQL is becoming a “checkmark” item for Hadoop platforms. Over the past year, every major Hadoop vendor has planted their SQL stake. Hortonworks backed the “Stinger” initiative to optimize and accelerate Hive processing, and increase SQL support; and founded the “Tez” project for providing a faster alternative to MapReduce. With HDP 2.1, the Stinger project to accelerate Hadoop is now fully supported in the platform. It is based on the latest version of Hive, 0.13, which will also hit general availability with release of HDP 2.1…

Read the entire post: http://ovum.com/2014/04/08/hortonworks-hdp-2-1-release-starts-extending-hadoop-core-platform/


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