New infographic: A communication framework for change agents

InsightaaS: Infographics can be a tricky means of communications: often, they contain too little information to be really useful, or lack the context needed to make business sense of their key mesages.

Today’s featured infographic avoids both issues. Prepared by Workboard, a collaboration application supplier, the infographic does a terrific job of illustrating key issues in positioning IT-dependent messages in ways that can be understood by different kinds of colleagues. 

The infographic starts with two observations, one noting that “technological change  is inevitable” and swift, and the other pointing out that “people don’t accept and embrace change at the same pace or for the same reasons; resistance is inevitable.” The infographic then combines data and advnce on navigating between these inevitabilities: it illustrates the perspectives of five different types of colleagues (innovators, visionaries, pragmatics, conservatives and skeptics) on change, and then highlights the “WIFM” (what’s in it for me?) that applies to each group at the executive, director, manager and practitioner level.



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