Naked Security: Great Firewall of China bypassed by cloud mirrors

InsightaaS: Naked Security is a news/blog site hosted by security vendor Sophos. In this post, John Hawes, a technical consultant and test team director at Virus Bulletin, discusses tactics used to bring banned content through the “great firewall of China.”

China’s infamous Great Firewall, the massive surveillance and censorship system sitting between China’s internet and the rest of the world, has been circumvented and bypassed by numerous techniques over the years with varying degrees of success and longevity.

The latest trick, carried out by activists at Great Firewall monitoring site, is to upload mirrored copies of blocked sites to cloud hosting services, challenging the Great Firewall operators to block major brands like Amazon and Google cloud hosting, or allow freer access to banned material.

The move came in response to further blocking by the Great Firewall, with Chinese versions of the Reuters and Wall Street Journal news sites added to the blocklist in mid-November…

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