Michael Geist: Why Are Canadian Wireless Carriers Increasing Prices? Because They Can

InsightaaS: Readers who follow Across the Net know that we are appreciate and support the efforts of Michael Geist to expose issues and legislation that threaten Canadians’ privacy and digital freedoms. Geist is especially well known for his penetrating, public critique of copyright issues and of wireless practices.

Recently, both of these subjects have been on display in Geist’s blog. The piece entitled “Canadian Authors & Publishers: We Demand Education Talk To Us As Long As It Leads to New Payments” – delivers perspective on copyright issues that span older published works and e-books, and which affect authors, schools and the public at large. This piece – “Why Are Canadian Wireless Carriers Increasing Prices? Because They Can” is similarly interesting to all of us who pay Canadian wireless rates. We recommend both pieces to anyone with an interest in either subject.

Yesterday, I was contacted by a Toronto radio station wanting to discuss wireless pricing increases  that have occurred over the past few months (including increases over the weekend at both Rogers and Bell). Their key question was what lay behind the increased prices?  While some might point to reduced roaming revenues or costs associated with the spectrum auction, I believe the answer is far simpler.

The carriers increased prices because they can.

Indeed, this is precisely what the Competition Bureau of Canada concluded could and would happen in its analysis of the wireless environment in Canada…

Read the entire post: http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/7092/125/

Read the post on copyright: http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/7091/125/



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