McKendrick: Challenge – Keeping the Internet of Things grounded in reality

InsightaaS: ZDNet is a source of many interesting blogs, including the “Service Oriented” blog authored by Joe McKendrick. In this post, McKendrick encourages us to take a step back from IoT hype, and look instead for “specific functions and applications where it really makes sense.” McKendrick highlights a couple of these, and notes that as we see more roll out, we will have need of Big Data and cloud-based analytics processing. In the end, though, McKendrick says (and InsightaaS agrees), “many of the hurdles [that we face with IoT] are social, not technical.”

In a recent post, ZDNet colleague Ken Hess wondered if the emerging Internet of Things may be the “Y2K” of our time. But he isn’t concerned about IT systems collapsing in on themselves as a result of unaccounted code. Rather, as happened in the 1990s, he sees consultants, vendors, and self-proclaimed experts piling on to create a big carnival cashing in on business’s fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

In some ways, the promises of IoT may be over the top. The idea that a flight delay will be communicated to someone’s alarm clock as well as coffee maker, which will recalibrate to their owner’s revised wake-up time is really weird stuff. Any IoT chatter that involves networks talking to a home refrigerator and automatically ordering more milk also may be more than the world needs.

IoT is one big, complex scenario, and really needs to be toned down to specific functions and applications where it really makes sense, and is straightforward to implement. There are some great feet-on-the-ground examples of where it is creating new business opportunities…

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