Jeremiah Owyang: Maker Movement and 3D Printing – Industry Stats

InsightaaS: Those interested in social media are familiar with Jeremiah Owyang, who did seminal research on the topic when he was at Forrester, and left with colleague Charlene Li to form the Altimeter Group in 2008. Owyang continues to be one of the voices shaping perceptions on social media today – but here, he turns his attention to another intriguing issue (to InsightaaS and many others) – the Maker Movement, which encourages the spread of 3D printing to allow for global trade in ideas and designs supporting the local creation of goods. In this post, Owyang provides a brief introduction to the subject, and then adds extensive links to resources with information on market capitalization and value, market projections, VC investments, startup valuations and growth, M&A activity, and events.

This maker movement puts power in the hands of the people to fund, design, prototype, produce, manufacture, distribute, market and sell their own goods. This movement impacts global manufacturing as creation shifts geographically to local, philosophically to sustainability and legally to force the adaptation of new IP laws as people move from consuming to creating and sharing.

The following material features links, sources and dates, sorted in logical orders, to help you find key data that you’ll need to make informed decisions. Additionally, I’ll link to other listings and indexes that will provide further context. One of my goals is to serve as an industry curator to advance our collective knowledge, research, and in addition to own personal understanding. If this is truly a sharing economy, then we must be willing to share what we learn and know with others. If you would like to read an overview that includes three distinct business opportunities for corporations, read the full report on the Collaborative Economy Value Chain. Please leave comments with your input and URL. I’ll be happy to add and credit you.

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