Jeremiah Owyang: 12 Collaborative Services for Success at Work

InsightaaS: Regular readers of Across the Net will have seen us highlight a number of posts by Jeremiah Owyang, the pioneering social media analyst who built a career at Forrester as a leading social media analyst, and who is now a leading voice in the Collaborative Economy movement. Here, we find Jeremiah focused on the implications of collaborative services in the B2B space, and especially, for small businesses and ‘solopreneurs’ and other individual professionals. His list of twelve business-focused offerings encompasses PR, community management, physical workspace, virtual executive assistant, wardrobe, creative design, contract help, Wifi, food and gift services that professionals can use to tap into new options, capitalizing on the cost, convenience and flexibility advantages of the collaborative economy.

The collaborative economy empowers ordinary people to share their unused resources, such as time and goods, often in a peer-to-peer commerce model. We tend to think of this model impacting us as individuals, as illustrated in the popular Honeycomb graphic. However, shared services (many of which I use) aren’t limited to personal use. The collaborative economy model is expanding to include these strategies and technologies at the B2B level. See my quick guide on how companies are integrating them into their own strategies.

This successful expansion of applications begs the question, “Can the sharing model work for individual professionals?” Not only will it work, it already does work. Now that these services are available for personal use, we’re also seeing them expand into the business world. These services help professionals outsource tasks in their work life so they can focus on their core responsibilities and competencies.

Here’s a list of collaborative economy services targeting business professionals…

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