Infographic: The link between online trust and online business

InsightaaS: I don’t really have a “go to” source for infographics, but I do regularly review those from Alex Hillsberg of, which are generally good at delivering on the promise of the infographic format: delivery of credible, relevant insight in an easy-to-digest format. We’ve featured infographics from Alex and his colleagues focused on the value of brands and logos, on IT acquisitions on differences between the online social behaviour of men and women, on customer satisfaction and even on iPhone manufacturing. Today’s infographic looks at another key IT industry issue: how to build the online trust needed to accelerate online transactions. The review of trustmarks and their impact is worth a read whether you are an online seller or not – eventually, all of us participate in online commerce, and it’s interesting to see how the foundations of these interactions are built!

 Customer acquisition strategy that allows businesses to build customers' trust

See this infographic (and accompanying text) on the FinancesOnline site: Link


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