Infographic and info: Open Source Forges By The Numbers

InsightaaS: As we get into 2015 in earnest, I thought I’d highlight a couple of software-related issues that are important but are generally not on the day-to-day radar of IT professionals. Today’s feature comes courtesy of Protecode, an open source software management software provider – one of a handful that work with developers to manage use of open source code in complex projects. In this infographic, Protecode draws from its extensive internal database to illustrate the prevalence of major open license types across four open source ‘forges’ (repositories/platforms for management of open source code). The infographic helps position the major forges – the “loosely governed” GitHub and SourceForge, and the “tightly governed” CodePlex and Apache Software Foundation and the role they play in supporting open source projects. The text accompanying the infographic is also interesting: it includes background on the forges, and context on the licenses. With open source an important (and increasingly important) factor in corporate software environments, it’s important for software developers and managers to have this kind of understanding of the open source software landscape.

Open Source Forges

View the infographic (and read the accompanying text) on the Protecode website: Link


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